Don’t you press that Boost Button! You can promote your Facebook posts more adequately to increase reach. 

When you publish your blog post or any post that starts getting an excellent organic engagement, your next step will be to reach more people by running an ad for this post. I’ll show you how to do this properly and not just press the Boost button. 

I hope that you are aware of how Facebook and other social media regular posting are important for your restaurant. 

But the thing with the Facebook posts is that only a tiny amount (​​Did You Know Your Facebook Posts Are Only Reaching 2% of Your Followers?) of people can see your post. Facebook has done this because they want to make some money. FB did this for a straightforward reason: They want to push businesses to pay for their posts. It makes sense, right? 

So I want to teach you how to promote your posts and your restaurant the right way. But before we jump into it, I can’t stress enough. Please Don’t Use The Boost Button. 


Stop it Right now. 

I can hear you saying. But Mike, It’s so easy to please let us boost it and leave us alone. 

I hear you. You’re are not alone who use the boost button only for their posts.
Hundreds of page managers and restaurant owners just like you are using the ‘boost post’ button daily to increase their post reach.
It makes it so easy to run a campaign. You only set a general targeting such as users and location, then a budget for your ad and your good to go. 

Boom You’re ad is up ad running until the budget you set or time you set is gone. 

But Mike, it is so Simple and Fast. What’s wrong with it.
I’ll tell you what. I’ll try to explain how the Facebook Boost Button works.
When you press the boost post button, Facebook gives you only a very simple, basic way to set up and promote your post.
It gives you simple targeting such as audience and the placement of your post. Most people set this up only once and don’t care about the results that they get. 

The results may vary, and you should be analysing what results you are getting for your money.
The point is to get the most for your budget. One of my favourite parts of all Facebook and Google advertising is maximising your results for your ad spend budget.
And simply say The Facebook Boost Button takes that power away from you. 

Next time you are about to press that boost button, open this article and follow these simple steps. 

After you create a blog post and you are sure that your audience would kill to read it – go ahead, Post-it first, then go to the Facebook business manager

Log in thru your Facebook account, and in the left up corner, click ads manager. 


After you find a green button that says Create. Go on and click it. Choose your campaign objective.promote-your-Facebook-posts-more-adequately-to-increase-reach.-restaurant-marketing-agency

Now, most of the time, this would be the post ‘engagement or a ‘traffic’. For example, when you write a blog about a new food or a recipe, you can share it with your audience. You want to get as most post engagement likes and shares as possible.
Go ahead and click Continue. 

In the next step, you name your campaign and the rest you can leave as it is. 


Click next, and now we are in the ad set. 

Here we are going to do magic.
As we said, there are a lot more options for you than just to use a boost button for your post. But don’t be scare I walk you thru all you need to know. 

Firstly name your Ad set name, so you know straight away what is your ad about later in the ads manager.
Now choose your budget. I would recommend starting with just 5£ a day then you can increase this much as you can.
Don’t forget this is just an info post, and there is no need to spend a fortune. 


Next, decide if you want to run this ad for a day or two. I would say target who already visited your restaurant and show them your amazing article at least for three days.
We are just remaining ourselves to our audience. We do not sell anything to them, just saying, ”Hey guys, we still exist and yeah, we share this amazing recipe just for you.” How cool is that? 

Now I want you to leave the audience as it is and only focus on the Blue button Show more options, and after click people who liked my page.
678 Add your page in there, and you should be good to go.

Now you know that Facebook will show your post to your Fans and previous customers who like your page in the past.

We can click next, and the last thing we will do is select the post we want to promote. In ad creative, select ‘Select Post’ and select the one you want. 



Click continue and publish. We are Done. 

I agree that this can seem like a more complicated process, but because we did not use the boost button, we are getting the most out of the Facebook advertising platform for our budget.
Because we not only used the boost button and advertise our post the right way, we are not limited to one audience at a time and choose the placement or device targeting. 

With boosted posts, your ad reaches only one audience at a time.
By pressing this button and using this method, learning something about your audience can be difficult. 

I mean that in a Facebook ad manager, you can separate audiences by age and gender. You can also target people who like your competitors, different restaurants close to yours. Separate ads by their placements, such as mobile and desktop.
You can even test variations of all of these and check your ads’ performance, adapt and create new and better ones.

This is the real power of Facebook advertising. 

Now I know you are just trying to run your restaurant, and you don’t have time for all of this. That’s the time when I come in and help you. 

Reach me out on my email or fill out the form on the contact page, and I will introduce my service to you. I’m pretty sure that you will be surprised at how much I can help to get you more customers for your restaurant.