Restaurant Facebook Post Ideas

Facebook has the potential to market your restaurant and take it to a whole new level. However, it is important for you to have a clear understanding on how to market your restaurant in an effective manner through Facebook. This is where you have to go through the daunting task of looking for Facebook post restaurant marketing ideas.

In order to make life easy for you, we thought of sharing 15 Facebook restaurant post ideas. You can go through this list of ideas and pick the best ones out of them to promote your restaurant on Facebook and get the best possible results out of it at the end of the day.

  • Time your posts

It is important for you to properly time all the posts that you are sharing on Facebook. Then you will be able to get effective results out of them. From the recent studies, it has been identified that posts that are published in between 1 pm and 4 pm are receiving the highest click-through rates. Therefore, you should try your best to publish Facebook posts in this time period. During this time period, some are browsing Facebook while having lunch whereas others browse Facebook when commuting home.

  • Tell personal stores

If you keep on telling personal stories on Facebook, you will be able to boost the engagement rates. That’s because you are interacting with your audience on a personal level. This will help you to get the maximum possible results that you are getting out of Facebook for the restaurant. For example, you can tell some funny stories about incidents that took place at your restaurant.

  • Post staff profiles

People who walk into your restaurant as customers are interested in getting to know about your staff. This is the main reason why you are encouraged to think about publishing the staff profiles on Facebook. In the staff profiles, you can share information about the personal details of your staff, such as their school, hobbies and other unique things related to the person. This will also help you to get connected to the customers of your restaurant in a personal level.

  • Run a photo contest

When you are browsing through the internet, you must have seen how numerous restaurants are running photo contests. That’s because photo contests on Facebook are extremely effective and they can deliver outstanding results to you in the long run. You will be able to run the photo contest and tempt people to take photos in your restaurant along with their friends. Or else, you can tempt your audience in Facebook to take photos of your dishes. Then you can select the winner who receives the most number of likes. The winner can be provided with a free meal at your restaurant.

  • Publish videos

More than 100 million hours’ worth videos are being watched on Facebook on a daily basis. Due to the same reason, you can also think about publishing videos on Facebook.  Then you will be able to get the most out of the videos and tell stories to your potential customers in an efficient manner. People love to experience the engaging nature of the videos that they see on Facebook. They will also tempt to share such videos along with their friends. You should take the maximum out of this opportunity and create videos of your restaurant with live music events, menu and behind the scenes.

  • Ask for customer feedback

You can upload posts on Facebook asking for customer feedback. Then you will be able to get your customers to tell what they feel about your restaurant. On the other hand, you can also ask questions like how you should be celebrating the upcoming anniversary of your restaurant.

  • Publish posts according to the weather

If you can publish posts on Facebook according to the weather, you can get effective results. For example, you can advertise a cold beer when there is a hot temperature outside. On rainy cold days, you can promote a warm bowl of soup through your Facebook posts. While you do this, you must not ignore to upload a photo. Then you can tempt people to come to your restaurant.

  • Get behind the scenes

Customers are often interested in understanding what takes place behind the scenes of your restaurant. Therefore, you should get behind the scenes and share information with your customers accordingly. For example, you can tell customers on how food is being prepared at your restaurant. Likewise, you can also share the behind the scenes of a special event that is taking place at your restaurant as well.

  • Provide exclusive offers through Facebook

Facebook is one of the best platforms available for you to share exclusive offers from your restaurant along with people who are interested in seeing them. People love to see such exclusive offers being shared from your restaurant as well. Then they will go ahead and share those exclusive offers along with their friends and loved ones. You can use the coupons feature offered in Facebook to share such exclusive offers with your potential customers on Facebook.

  • Share reviews

Reviews are one of the biggest assets that you have in your restaurant. In order to take your restaurant marketing initiatives on Facebook to the next level, you can think about sharing reviews that are related to the restaurant. This is where you need to look for the positive reviews that you have on Trip Advisor, Yelp and even Facebook. You can take screenshots of such reviews and create a Facebook post by thanking the customer.

  • Share the recipes

People who have fallen in love with the great dishes served at your restaurant will be interested in getting their hands on your recipes. In order to impress them, you can think about sharing your Facebook recipes on Facebook. Then you will be able to attract more people towards your restaurant Facebook page as well.

  • Promote events

If any special event is taking place in your restaurant, you must go ahead and promote that on Facebook. Alongside the physical event, you can host a Facebook event and share it with the audiences. Then you will be able to get more people to take part in the event as well. The Facebook event feature will allow them to determine whether they are going to come to your event or not. Along with that, you can impress more customers to come to your restaurant events.

  • Post about current trends and topics

While you are running Facebook marketing campaigns, you need to have a clear understanding about the current topics and trends. Then you will be able to go ahead and publish about them on Facebook. It is better if you can share more details about local events. Then you can impress people and get them to share your posts as well.

  • Share customer content

You should also share customer content through the official Facebook page of the restaurant. For example, if a customer has had a great experience in your restaurant, you can create a small poster or video and publish it through the Facebook account. Then you can create temptation among new customers to come to your restaurant and getting that experience.

  • Facebook takeover

You can also get the help of a Facebook influencer to promote content on behalf of you. You will then be able to share some interesting content via the official Facebook page of the restaurant to the people who are following you.