Effective Ideas to Get More Customers to Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner or a marketer, you are working with the mission of getting more customers to your restaurant. This is where you need to pay a lot of attention to restaurant marketing. While you do restaurant marketing, you will also notice that the marketing sphere has changed significantly throughout the past few years. Hence, it is important for you to have a clear understanding on how to get more customers to your restaurant effectively in today’s world. Along with that, you will be able to receive outstanding results without facing any hassle or frustration.

Here are 20 effective ideas that you can use to get more customers to your business with ease.

  • Start a cooking class

You need to offer something to your potential customers to tempt them and make them walk into your restaurant. Based on your specialty, you can think about offering a cooking class. You are aware of some of the best cooking recipes. You just need to keep them as the base and go ahead to offer the cooking classes for people in need. Then you will be able to teach the customers on how to prepare those delicious recipes at their homes.

  • Have a wine tasting event

When you host a wine tasting event at the restaurant, you will be able to attract a bunch of new customers to your restaurant with ease. That’s because people who are interested in securing new experiences will come to your restaurant. You can offer many different types of wine for them to taste. Along with that, you can also teach them how to drink wine properly.

  • Send out birthday gifts

It is better if you can manage all your customer information in CRM. Then you will be able to send out personalized gifts to each and every customer on their birthdays. People who celebrate their birthdays will be impressed with such messages you are sending out. Hence, they will tend to walk into your restaurant on the birthday to grab the offer and celebrate the birthday along with their loved ones.

  • Get the most out of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods available for you to get closer to your customers and tempt them to purchase what you are offering. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on email marketing. You can simply have an opt-in form in your website, which you can use to collect customer email addresses. You can also give a discount coupon for each email. Then you can send out your newsletters to the email addresses. Then those customers will get to know about your new dishes, special deals and upcoming events at the restaurant.

  • Remain active in social media networks

You need to have profiles for your restaurant in all the leading social media networks.  You should also be active among those social media networks. Then you can keep on sharing posts and grab the attention of new customers with ease. You will be able to engage with your customers effectively via the assistance offered by social media networks.

  • Have live music

People love to enjoy live music while having their meals at your restaurant. Therefore, it is worthy to invest and get live music scheduled at the restaurant. Then you can provide assistance for the people who are enjoying the good dishes that you are offering.

  • Keep the website simple

People who come to your restaurant will often go through your website before making a decision. In such a situation, it is important to keep your website simple as much as possible. Then you will be able to provide them with the ability to go through the restaurant website quickly and get their hands on pieces of information they need. You should adhere to the principles of Keep it Simple and Stupid (KISS) at the time of getting the restaurant website developed.

  • Place a smartphone in the kitchen

It is better if you can buy a smartphone and place it in the kitchen. Then your kitchen staff, including chefs will be able to upload scenes from your kitchen on social media networks. This will help the customers to be aware of what is happening at your restaurant. This engagement will tempt the customers to come to your restaurant as well.

  • Provide free Wi-Fi

You should be offering free Wi-Fi to the customers who come into your restaurant. That’s because customers prefer to upload photos of your dishes on their social media networks and they love to keep contacts with their loved ones over the internet even while they are dining in. Hence, you should support them by offering free Wi-Fi.

  • Take amazing photos

Food that you offer through your restaurant are amazing. You just need to make sure that you take amazing photos and upload them on social media and in your website. Then you will be able to get people craving to walk into your restaurant and enjoy those amazing dishes on their own.

  • Get more reviews on Google Plus

Most of the people who end up with your restaurant are the ones who look for it on Google. Before they make the decision to come to your restaurant, they will go through all the Google Plus reviews that you have earned as well. Hence, it is worthy to think about getting more Google Plus reviews. Then you can boost the credibility of the restaurant and get more people to walk in.

  • Provide online ordering capabilities

It has been identified that lots of people out there are interested in dining in from the comfort of their homes. You can support those people by offering online ordering capabilities for the dishes that you offer. Even if people are interested in enjoying meals from home, they hate to call you. Instead, they prefer to order what they want simply from your website. You should provide that functionality.

  • Focus on local SEO

Most of the customers who come to your restaurant are from the local neighborhood. Therefore, you need to pay a lot for attention towards local SEO. Then you will be able to make your restaurant visible for more people who look for places to eat from your local neighborhood.

  • Tell your stories with videos

Videos are an excellent technique that you can use in order to tell the story of your restaurant. Hence, you are strongly encouraged to get the most out of videos. You will then be able to communicate your messages quickly to the potential customers who are about to walk into your restaurant as well.

  • Meet the chefs

You can provide ability for the customers to go ahead and meet the chef who prepared the amazing dish. Then the customers will be able to get to know how the food was made. This will even tempt your customers to go ahead and share the experience on their blogs and social media networks. Along with that, you can further improve popularity of your restaurant.

  • Provide gift cards

When you keep on providing gift cards, you will be able to tempt the customers to come into your restaurant and get their hands on the dishes that you offer. That’s because they will consider that you are offering some excellent discounts to them.

  • Share all the recipes in a book

Compiling a cookbook with all your recipes can also deliver effective results to you. Therefore, you are encouraged to think about moving forward with it as well. People who get their hands on the cookbook will remember the name of your restaurant. Then they will tend to walk into the restaurant as well.

  • Host holiday parties

You need to make it a habit to host holiday parties through the restaurant. People are looking forward to enjoy their holidays with loved ones. If you have a holiday party hosted at the restaurant, you will be providing a reason for them to come to your restaurant.

  • Display sporting events

When there is a sporting event taking place, you must go ahead and show it on a big screen. Sports fans are often interested in seeking them in the big screen while drinking beer. You can get such people to your restaurant by displaying sporting events. The best thing about this is that you will be able to get more people in groups to the restaurant.

  • Understand who your regular customers are

It is better if you can understand who your regular customers are and focus more on providing a better service to them. Then you will be able to tempt them to keep on coming back to the restaurant.