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How to Go Ahead and Start Your Food Blog?

Start your food blog!

If you are a food lover, starting a food blog will be one of the best things that you can do. It will provide you with the opportunity to let your passion for food come out.

At the time of starting a food blog, you have many different options available to consider as well. For example, you can start the food blog on baking, cooking or making recipes. If you are not good at these things, you can even go ahead and start your food blog about eating food.

The increasing popularity of food blogs

When you take a look at food blog trends in the recent past, you will notice that the popularity associated with them has increased along with time. That’s because most of the foodies prefer to take a look at the food blogs that are available in the market.

It is possible for you to get the inspiration needed to start your own food blog from numerous sources available out there on the internet. You can simply get the inspiration and take your initiatives to the next level.

Even if you are starting the food blog because of the personal passion that you have towards food, it is also possible for you to transform blogging into a hobby. Or else, you will be able to start making money from the blog and transform it to your full-time career as well. We see lots of people who have been able to achieve it.

How to start your food blog?

Now you are aware about all the good reasons that are available for you to start the food blog. While keeping these factors in mind, let’s take a look at the steps that you should follow to go ahead and start your own food blog. We will be breaking down the steps, so that you will be able to follow individual steps and get a perfect experience at the end of the day.

  • Pick a niche

Food blogs are versatile. Therefore, it is important for you to determine the specific niche of the food blog that you are going to have. It is perfectly fine for you to take your time on making this decision. That’s because it can create a major impact on the future of the food blog.

You need to take a look at the personal interests that you have towards food. In order to go ahead with a proper brainstorm session, you can simply go through your social media feed and see what kind of food related posts you are sharing on a regular basis. It is possible for you to use the blog to share your recent experiences on trying different food recipes or sharing reviews of the food recipes that you consider.

Instead of starting a general blog about food, you need to think about starting a niche specific blog. Then you will be able to go ahead and explore the facts in detail. Along with that, you will also be able to make sure that you have a better chance to transform your food blog into a successful one in the future.

On top of everything, you need to make sure that you are starting a unique food blog. Then you will not have to go through a lot of hassle or frustration when you are competing with the other food bloggers. It will open up many new opportunities, so that you will be able to travel on your own and get positive results at the end of the day.

  • Have a catchy name for the food blog

The name that you select for the food blog is in a position to create a major impact behind the success of it. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are coming up with a catchy name for your food blog at the end of the day. In addition to that, you must make sure that the name of the food blog is a unique one as well.

It is better if you can make sure that the name of the food blog is something that other people can remember with ease. That’s why it is better to go ahead with a name that is short and easy to spell.

The name that you pick for the food blog will most probably be your domain as well. You need to think from the perspective of a person who will visit your food blog and then understand whether you are using a convenient name or not. This will help you to open up new opportunities with ease.

  • Buy the domain and hosting plan

Once the name of the food blog is finalized, you can proceed to the next stage, where you purchase the domain as well as the hosting plan. You need to check whether the domain is available or not. Based on the availability of the domain, you might have to do some changes to the name of the food blog as well. You can find plenty of domain availability checkers out there on the internet. You can simply use one such domain availability checker and see whether your domain is available or not.

You can purchase the domain and hosting plan separately. However, some of the service providers will offer discounts when you are purchasing the domain and hosting plan together. For example, if you purchase the domain and the hosting plan together, you will be able to get the domain free for around one year. It is worthy to take a look at these offers and go ahead with the purchase of your domain as well. Then you will be able to get the most out of it at the end of the day.

The hosting plan that you purchase should cater to your requirements. You are encouraged to do some background research about the different hosting plans available and pick the best one out of them as well.

  • Install WordPress

WordPress is an effective and an easy to use CMS available for you to use and start your food blog. Therefore, you should think about using this CMS at all times. It will make the life easy when setting up the food blog. That’s because WordPress comes along with excellent blogging capabilities. You can set up the blog on your own without seeking the assistance of a web designer or a developer.

It is also possible for you to update the WordPress blog with ease on a regular basis. This will provide you with the chance to keep on updating your food blog on a regular basis and experience all the positive returns offered by it.

Your hosting plan will provide you with the chance to install WordPress within few simple clicks. You will also be able to find lots of helpful tutorials available on the internet. It is up to you to refer to such a helpful tutorial and get the WordPress installation job done with ease.

  • Pick a WordPress theme

Now you have successfully installed WordPress on the food blog. The next thing that you have to do is to go ahead and use a WordPress theme. These of the food blog that you pick would contribute a lot towards the identity created by it. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are using an appropriate theme at the end of the day.

You will be able to experience numerous benefits by selecting a good theme for the food blog. For example, it will reflect the unique tone and style of the content that you have in your blog. On the other hand, it will contribute a lot towards the visual appeal that you are creating through the food blog as well. Therefore, it is a must to do your own research on different theme options and pick the best theme out of them for the food blog and move forward with.

It is also better to take a look at the premium themes. That’s because premium themes are mobile responsive and functional. The amount you spend to purchase a premium WordPress theme will be a good investment that you can do towards the future. That’s because it can help you to create a positive impact on the visitors who come to the food blog.

  • Add WordPress plugins

A large number of effective plugins are available for you to add to your food blog. You are encouraged to think about adding those plugins to the food blog as well. Here is a list of some of the most prominent plugins to add out of them.

  • Yoast SEO – Yoast SEO is a plugin that can provide you with the opportunity to make sure that all your blog posts are SEO compatible. Along with that, you will be able to secure better rankings on search engines such as Google.
  • Social sharing plugins – Social sharing plugins will help the readers of the food blog to go ahead and share your blog posts on social media networks such as Facebook. They can increase the overall visibility of content that you promote through the food blog.
  • Tasty recipes – If you are planning to start a recipe blog, you need to use this WordPress plugin. It will help you to format all the recipes in your blog effectively.
  • Tasty Pins – Pinterest is quite popular among food bloggers. You will be able to share the food blog posts to Pinterest and create links with the help of this plugin.

Likewise, you can take a look at other useful plugins available to consider and add them into the WordPress blog as well.

  • Set up tracking

Now you have your food blog up and running on the internet. This is where you need to track it and receive feedback. It will help you to understand how your content is performing. Based on that, you will be able to go ahead and make appropriate adjustments to the content that you are sharing through the food blog as well.

Google Analytics is one of the most prominent tracking tools that you can get to your food blog. Then you will be able to see how your website is performing and how much traffic is getting along with time. You can sign up with Google Analytics for free. Then you will be provided with a code, which you need to insert into the food blog.

In addition to that, you can take a look at Google Search Console as well. This is another free and an effective tool available for you to consider. Based on the metrics that you get out of this tool, you will be able to make sure that your food blog is running well.

You can also think about getting premium tracking tools such as SEMRush as well. They will provide you with access to more comprehensive metrics. If you are serious about the food blog, you can invest on such tools as well.

  • Start sharing content

By this point, you have a fully functional food blog up and running on the internet. You have excellent content being shared on the food blog as well. On the other hand, you have installed all the tracking tools, which will help you to track content in a convenient manner.

This is where you need to think about taking your food blog to the next level. In order to do that, you should start sharing content of the food blog. Several methods are available for you to share your food blog and enhance the visibility of it. Social media networks will provide the most assistance. Then you can also think about SEO and make sure that you get more visibility for the food blog through search engines. No matter what you do, you need to make sure that you are maintaining the overall quality of your food blog.


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