How to advertise on Facebook

Facebook can be considered as one of the best platforms available for you to launch your advertising campaigns. Whether you are a small business owner or managing an established business, you will be able to receive outstanding results from Facebook. The microtargeting features that you can see on Facebook are outstanding. That’s because you will be able to target your advertisements based on the location, demographics, behaviours and even the interests of the audiences. Therefore, you can get the most out of money that is being spent on your advertisements.

You just need to have a small budget allocated for Facebook advertisements. It can provide you with amazing returns in the long run. Therefore, you just need to enjoy the benefits that come on your way.

Before you go ahead with your marketing campaigns on Facebook, you should have a clear understanding of how to run a successful advertising campaign on Facebook. Then you will be able to minimize the mistakes that you do and end up with impressive results.

Different types of Facebook ads

  • Photo Ads

Photo ads are one of the best methods available for you to go ahead with Facebook advertising. It is possible for you to use a photo that you have already uploaded to the Facebook page and create the photo ad around it. You just need to select an interesting photo and you can see the positive returns generated out of it.

facebook image ad

  • Video Ads

Video ads are quite similar to the photo ads. In here, you will be promoting a video that you have uploaded to the Facebook page, instead of a photo.

  • Carousel Ads

You will be able to create a carousel ad by using up to 10 different videos or photos. This is one of the best methods available for people to promote their products or services on Facebook. You can even showcase multiple products or highlight the different features in a specific product with this.

video ad facebook

  • Slideshow Ads

You can create a slideshow ad, which is in the form of a video, by merging multiple photos. Facebook will add eye-catching motion graphics to the slideshow in order to make it look interesting.

facebook carousel ad

  • Collection Ads

The collection ads will be offered only for mobile devices. You will be able to promote one or more of your products in here and you can allow your customers to purchase it.

  • Instant experience Ads

The instant experience ads are also being called as a canvas. They are full-screen advertisements. They will load 15 times faster when compared to a mobile website.

  • ­Lead ads

Lead ads are only available for mobile devices. That’s because they are designed to make life easy for you.

  • Dynamic Ads

The dynamic ads can provide excellent assistance for you to promote targeted products to customers. If a person has visited a product page, you can make that visible again to the same customer on Facebook, with the help of dynamic ads.

  • Messenger Ads

The Messenger ads on Facebook have also received a lot of attention in the past. You will be able to make these advertisements visible on Facebook messenger.

Step by step guide on getting started with Facebook ads

Now you have a basic understanding about the different types of ads that are available in Facebook. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the steps that you should follow in order to run a successful marketing campaign on the social media network.

  1. Determine your objective

As the first step, you will need to determine your objective. For that, you must log in to the Facebook Ads Manager. Then you can click on the Campaigns tab and then select Create. This will help you to launch a new ad campaign on Facebook.

In Facebook, you will be provided with 11 different marketing objectives. You need to select the appropriate ones based on your objective. They include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Number of app installments
  • Number of video views
  • Number of leads generated
  • Number of messages
  • Number of conversions
  • Number of Catalog sales
  • Store visits

choose your marketing objective facebook manager

You need to select the most appropriate campaign out of these, depending on your specific goals. Then you will be able to end up with positive results.

  1. Naming the advertising campaign

The next step would be to name your advertising campaign on Facebook. When you scroll down in the ad campaign, you will be able to select A/B split test. You can also determine if you are going to turn on budget optimization or not. When you are running multiple ads on Facebook, this feature can be extremely useful for you.

set up your engagment facebook manager

  1. Set up the ad account

You can skip this step, if you have already created your Facebook ad account. But if you are new, you will need to provide some of your details and create the ad account. The details that you need to enter include time zone, currency and country as well. You need to double check all the details before you submit. Otherwise, you will not be able to change them at a later stage and you will be forced to create a new ad account.

  1. Targeting the audience

This is one of the most important steps you should follow. That’s because you target your audience for the ads in this step. When you take a look at the top of the screen, you will be able to name the ad campaign.

target your audience

When you scroll down, you can see the option, which can be used to target the audience of the ads. You can add a custom audience for the ads as well. This will be a separate process.

You can begin by selecting your target gender, age, location and the language. When you keep on making the selections, you should also have an eye on the audience size, which you can see on the right-hand side of the screen. This will help you to get a basic understanding about the reach of the potential ad.

custom audiences facebook manager tool

Once you do that, you can proceed to detailed ad targeting on Facebook. You need to follow this process carefully, so that you can experience the maximum return on investment.

You can include or exclude people as per your preferences, via the detailed targeting section. In fact, you can include or exclude people based on behaviors, interests or demographics. You can get hold of specific information in here. For example, you will be able to select the target people, who will show an interest in your products.

It is also possible for you to include and exclude people from your audience, based on the connections that they have with the existing Facebook page, an event that you managed or an app that you own. To do this, you need to take a look at the Connections section. For example, if you don’t want the followers of your page to see the advertisement, you can simply exclude People who like your Facebook Page.

  1. Determine the placement of the advertisements

In this step, you will be determining the location where your advertisement will appear on the Facebook page. If you are totally new to Facebook ads, you can go ahead with automatic placements. When you select this option, Facebook will place the advertisements automatically. You can automate this for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram advertisements.

You have few parameters to control over here, so that you will be able to end up with the best possible results. The parameters that are within your control include:

  • Device type, which can be a desktop, mobile or both.
  • Platform, which includes Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Audience network.
  • Operating systems or mobile devices, which include Android, iOS or both.

If you want to gain specific control over the placement of the ads, you can do it manually.

edit your placements facebook manager tool


  1. Setting up the schedule and budget

As the next step, you can determine how much money you are willing to spend on your Facebook advertisements. You will be able to set up a lifetime budget or a daily budget in here. You can also define the start date and the end date, if you want.

set up your budget and schedule

This section provides you with complete control over how you want your money to be spent in Facebook advertising. Therefore, you are encouraged to take your time and schedule the advertisements, so that you will be able to utilize your ad budget in an efficient manner.

  1. Creating the ad

Now you have done all the background work and you come to the step, where you create the ad. You should first select the ad format.

select your ad in facebook manager tool

With that, you need to include the media and text components of the ad as well. The formats available to you will vary based on the objective of the campaign. You can refer to the first section of the guide to refresh your mind about it.

When you take a look at the bottom of this page, you can see a preview tool. You can use it to determine how your Facebook ads will look, once they are published. You should double check and verify this before you hit the confirm button and submit the order.

Once you hit the submit button, it will take some time for Facebook to approve it. As soon as the ad is approved, you will be provided with a notification.

Few useful tips to get the most out of Facebook ads

Now you are aware of the process, which you need to follow in order to set up advertising campaigns on Facebook. Here are some useful tips, which you can follow to get the most out of efforts that you spend on the Facebook ads. These tips can help you to make sure that you invest your money in the most efficient manner.

  • Experiment with targeting different audiences

If you are new to Facebook ads, you are encouraged to experiment with targeting different audiences. To begin with, you can select a narrow audience. Then you can keep on widening your audience. You just need to dd one interest category per iteration and see how your outcome is. With this approach, you can easily identify what the best audience for your Facebook advertising campaigns is. It is true that this approach can make you cost a lot of money. However, you will be able to receive outstanding results and you don’t need to worry about anything. The time you spend on this will be a great investment that you can do in the future.

  • Try Facebook pixel

Along with Facebook advertisements, you are also encouraged to try Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel can be considered as a small piece of code, which can create a massive impact on the outcome of the Facebook ad campaign. You generate this code from Facebook and paste that on your website. When you do that, you will be able to track the conversions and you can easily remarket the page to the people who have viewed products positioned in your website. You will also be able to create lookalike audiences with minimum hassle.

  • Use the best quality photos and videos

It has been identified that people who use the best quality photos and videos for the Facebook ad campaigns are in a position to receive the best possible results at the end of the day. Pixelated photos cannot deliver any positive outcome to you. On the other hand, the jumpy videos you upload can easily make your audiences feel sick. Hence, you must focus a lot on the quality.

Final Words:

As you can see, you will be able to run an effective marketing campaign on Facebook with ease. All you have to do is to pay attention to these tips. Then you can receive the most rewarding outcomes at the end of the day.